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Family photo albums are great for stowing information - especially if you never, ever want anyone to find it. After all, when was the last time you actually looked at all the snapshots that you hid there so many years ago? Give your next event a little more sticking power, with Magnetic Moments' mobile magnet-making service. Like stealthy spies, the folks at Magnetic Moments will subtly take shots of your friends and family, making sure to capture every guest at their best. Then, they'll develop the photos, and transfer them to magnets. Finally, they'll display the magnets, allowing your guests to pick which ones they'd like to take with them! This service is great for showers, graduations, holiday parties, retirement celebrations, and so much more.Don't hide your memories in photo albums and shoeboxes - stick them up where everyone can spy them, with Magnetic Moments.
Add an element of fun and a lifetime of memories to your event when you call Magnetic Moments. We're available throughout Oahu, and based in Aiea & Honolulu, Hawaii. Visit us at Email

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